About Us

First of all WE LOVE ART, ARTISTS, ART COLLECTORS and ART LOVERS! Lalo, Inc. was originally formed in 2015. In 2019 it was reformed as Let Art Live On, Inc., (“LALO”) which better describes our mission. A group of dedicated artists, collectors and art lovers are behind LALO to do the following:
  • Sell artworks (all curated before listing) via an online, permanent virtual gallery (Studio Bee Gallery) and certain physical spaces (such as the BLUE WING FROG, Front Royal, Virginia);
  • Provide the history/provenance of particular art sold online and in our physical spaces through our proprietary database in a permanent virtual universe;
  • Help prevent theft or recover stolen or lost art registered with us;
  • Provide services to artists and collectors; including photography, inventory and storage.
  • Provide certain donated art for viewing by the general public online and via physical space- The LALO Collection.
The rational for this site is also our corporate name, too: LET ART LIVE ON! All too often certain art works end up in tag sales, discount stores or the trash bin because the art has no place to go and nobody – including heirs – cares whether anyone sees the work or not. We, at LALO want to preserve important works of art which might be lost if it were not for the work of this Company. We also have an online galleries (The Studio Bee Gallery where art is for sale, the Archives where sold art may still be viewed online with permission of the new owner and the Exhibition Hall where the LALO Collection may be seen. Art here is Not For Sale). On occasion, we show art at certain physical places. Check with us for our exhibition locations. With permission of the new buyer, we do our best to track the art in the present and in the future so it can “live on”. A word about “Provenance”. Generally, it is the history of the piece – and it is very important to us. Most of the pieces you will see on our website are originals signed by the artist or certified by LALO if we know that it is an original piece of art. On occasion, we will show and offer a piece where we either don’t know the artist (“Artist Unknown” – but we like the piece) or where we have not obtained an accurate provenance. Sometimes we may know the last name but we don’t know the artist’s full name or cannot look-up him/her. In such a case, we will state under the “provenance” of the piece, the date the work of art was acquired by LALO and that we know of no further provenance.