Artists – Collectors We Dream Your Dreams We Dream that Art Can “Live On”!!!

Paintings, sketches, sculpture, pottery, needlework, collages, photographs and other works of art – both great and small – have been created by artists throughout the ages. A tiny fraction of those works end up in museums, galleries or notable private collections. A larger number of these works end up in tag sales, discount stores or the trash bin because they have no place to go and nobody wants them. Let Art Live On™ provides for artists and collectors who want to safeguard their art’s future. These works have brought much pleasure to the artist, the art collector and others, but prior to Lalo’s “Let Art Live On” concept, much of this art was destined not to live on. Many art pieces become “lost art” because the current art caretakers die without a mate, parent, sibling, offspring, or anyone who would have a legal claim, don’t care about the collection. It would be a great loss for this art not to live on. We take steps to make this art live on beyond the life of the artist or collector. It is our mission that art which is accepted for sale and viewing at the various Lalo galleries will live on forever. It is this artworks’ continued safeguarded existence that now can be protected by Lalo, Inc.