Affiliate Programs

The Affiliate program is a major part of Lalo, Inc. and its Lalo Society division and membership benefits.

Lalo, Inc. has affiliated with the following:

  • in Orlando, Florida.
    Every member at the Silver level and above of the Lalo Society is automatically enrolled as an “enhanced member” of the Registry. As such their name and website will appear (if they wish) on the national artists registry run by that organization. Those members who wish to remain anonymous will have that option through the Company. The Company and our website also appear on the Registry website as a sponsor of

  • Warehouse Art Gallery in Luray, Virginia.
    The agreement between the Company and the Warehouse Art Gallery provides, among other things, for a large bricks and mortar presence for the Company at the gallery in Luray and for artists who are already in the gallery to become members of the Lalo Society if they wish.

  • Danny Whitfield
    one of the world’s great automotive artists.

  • A Future Without Poverty, Inc.
    The Company has agreed in writing with FWOP to operate the Buy Art Fight Poverty (BAFP) Program (the “Program”). Under that program, the Company has already brought a Project Manager on board, has initiated a website and received a limited advance from FWOP as a down payment for administration of the Program for FWOP. The BAFP Program allows visitors to to download art from artists who have been contacted by FWOP or the Company and whose art is available on the site. For each download, the artist receives 60% of the proceeds, FWOP receives 20% and the Company receives 20%. Program operations are administered by the Company although all funds under the Program go first to FWOP which then pays the artist and the Company.

    The BAFP Program is already in operation and has had limited sales to date.

    The Company also intends to sell framed, matted prints from downloads of Program artists at various locations. The first such location opened on December 1, 2017 and has no operating history at this time.

It is important to the Company staff, management and members that the Company is not seen as competing with other arts organizations including agencies, museums or galleries. The Company may affiliate with arts organizations in the U.S. and Canada. Lalo expects to cross-pollinate interests and even artwork as appropriate and pursuant to agreements which inure to the benefit of the Company and member organizations.

The Company may also associate with state and regional arts organizations in the United States, the Planned Giving Design Center, Americans for the Arts and other companies, galleries and/or organizations which are committed to the Company’s goals or further the mission of the Company.