Bumblebee Kids for the Arts

There shall be a special category of membership in the Lalo Society open to young people from ages 1-17 who show creative promise at an early age and who, as they mature, show interest in the arts. These special members shall be known as Bumblebee Kids for the Arts.

This category of Lalo Society membership is to further illustrate and regenerate Lalo’s mission as each new decade of artists emerges. For these young artists who pursue an ongoing interest/participation in the arts, the documented evolution of their art creations will serve as an instrumental record of their talents’ development.

Bumblebees must be sponsored by an adult who will be legally responsible for all financial transactions. Bumblebees shall have their own virtual gallery on the Company’s website.

All art submitted by Bumblebees must be original. Up to 10 works per year may be displayed on that site provided the Rules of Submission are followed. The paragraphs in this section of the website amend the Rules of Submission. Artwork appearing on the Bumblebee site IS NOT JURIED for entry and exhibition. Artwork shall be displayed for one year in the Company’s Bumblebee Exhibition Hall, but will LIVE ON in the Company’s database.

Artwork in the Bumblebee Kids virtual gallery is NOT FOR SALE; however with special permission of both the parent and the child artist, special arrangements for sale of this original art can be made through Lalo headquarters. In the event Bumblebee Kids art is sold by Lalo, there will be a commission of 40% due Lalo, the balance shall be payable to the responsible adult. Framing if done by Lalo shall be reimbursed to Lalo and is not included in the net to the artist’s representative’s share. Shipping, handling, insurance shall be the responsibility of the buyer.

Membership in the Bumblebees is free. Each child from the family or adult responsible person shall join individually. While there shall be NO CHARGE for membership in the Bumblebee Kids, adults are encouraged to join the Lalo Society.