A Warrior of Many Faces

A Clandestine American Operative in Castro’s Cuba and Beyond

This is a true story of the early life and beyond of J. C. Herbert Bryant, an 18-year-old U.S. Navy Spec Ops combat trained SSD Frogman, today known as a SEAL. JC, as he is known in the military, is the leading character in this compelling series of dangerous missions commencing in Cuba where he was first introduced to the Intelligence Services of the United States, and then on to other equally perilous assignments. From the Ross Ice Shelf deep in Antarctica, several Latin American countries, to the shores of many Mediterranean Sea countries and finally the mountains of Southeast Cambodia. A stimulating story of a young American patriot that begins in 1958 with secret gatherings at the Cassagrande Hotel in Santiago, Cuba, followed by impromptu meetings with Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Meetings that developed into daring combat missions for JC in the thick jungles of eastern Cuba’s Sierra Maestra Mountains where JC first fought alongside Che Guevara against the then President Fulgencio Batista’s National Forces. A year after Batista’s fall from power JC returned to Cuba assigned to play dirty tricks on the new Castro government.

Today for good reasons, the well-chosen author Charles Lickson’s A Warrior of Many Faces is based on factual events centered upon a true modern American hero – only that certain names of persons, ships and places have been changed or rearranged for the good of all concerned. The novel format does not blur the fact that JC has achieved some amazing successes. In fact, these successes are so incredible for those who don’t know him that readers of this story will have difficulty accepting that all of these actions could happen in just one lifetime. But they did.

JC, already a young wounded warrior, has had his life endangered more than once. Yet he has “soldiered on” in the military, the law enforcement and the intelligence arena. Today JC’s life continues full of risky journeys yet he is able to combine these risks with the care, concern and love he has for him family. Even in these later years when peace and tranquility have become so important to him, there are those who dare to ask if he has retired, possibly fearing the answer even more.