Donating Art

Studio Bee Gallery, a part of Lalo, Inc., is primarily used for sale of artworks by the artist or by a collector who can assure us that he/she/it is the valid holder of title to the art. All sales must comply with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Some artwork is accepted by Lalo, Inc. as a donation because the artist or collector wants the particular piece(s) to “live on” or as an “in-kind” contribution to the Lalo Legacy Society when and if the piece is accepted. We maintain a virtual Exhibition Hall where some of this art may be seen by visitors. If you wish to give art to Lalo, Inc. / The Lalo Legacy Society, please contact the Managing Director of Lalo. Once title to a particular piece is given to Lalo, Inc. / The Lalo Legacy Society, the Company obtains all rights to that particular piece.