Submitting Art

Lalo, Inc. created the Studio Bee Gallery for artworks which are on Offer for Sale by member Artists and Collectors. All submissions will be reviewed by the Lalo curatorial staff, who will either accept or reject the submitted work. Artists and Collectors must be at least Silver level members to submit artworks for sale. Artists may be represented by other galleries, however such representation shall not be exclusive (in the sense that Studio Bee Gallery cannot show the work). Submissions must be exactly as instructed here. Submissions must be in digital format only. We will not accept submissions that come from websites, from CD-Roms or other media; original artworks only. Digital images of artwork on Offer at this website cannot be offered elsewhere during the period of Offer by the artist or collector through this website. If artwork is uploaded for sale, LALO will charge forty percent (40%) of the list price upon sale. Unless other arrangements are made, is up to the Buyer to pay costs of shipping and insurance for the artwork. By submitting images of artwork under these Rules of Submission, the artist or collector represents that he/she has read all of these Rules, the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of this website. We will accept up to the number of images as agreed per upload. Please note that it may take several days for the Lalo staff to get back to artists and/or collectors by email with a decision as to appearance of the work on the Studio Bee Gallery website. As noted above, if the decision is favorable, the artist or collector will be asked by email to join the Lalo Society at the Artist/Collector Silver level of membership ($100 per year). Upon receipt by Lalo of payment for membership, the artwork on Offer will be displayed for up to one year. Artwork submitted as a donation, if accepted by the Lalo curatorial staff, may be displayed anytime. In any case, (exhibition only or artwork for Offer) a written receipt will be provided to the artist/collector by Lalo. The receipt may be utilized by the artist/collector for such purposes (including taxes) as allowed by law. If the image(s) uploaded are accepted by the curatorial staff, we will present only your name, the name of the work, the medium, whether the work is framed or not, the size of the work. Your bio and comment on the work will be presented if you wish. Studio Bee Gallery will also exhibit works anonymously if that is your wish (as indicated to us as such), but you must certify to Lalo that you have valid legal rights to the work. To submit artwork to LALO:
  1. Register on the LALO website, entering all required information on your Profile. LALO’s decision(s) on your artwork(s) will be emailed to the address you supply, and the Biographical Info (and/or artist’s statement) you enter will appear on your Artist page, along with your Profile Picture (optional).
  2. Once you have registered/logged onto the website:
    1. Upload an image.
    2. Return to the Artwork Submission Form, enter required information about the image, including title, medium, date, dimensions, framed or not, approximate weight (for shipping) and the price. There will be room for “comment” in which you may indicate you are a collector not the artist. Lalo will assume all images submitted come from the artists himself/herself unless noted otherwise.
As noted above, you will be notified by email as to whether the artwork(s) submitted has been accepted for Exhibit or Sale by Offer. If you have any questions or want clarification of anything, please contact the Lalo Administrative office: 540-636-2515