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Bolted T-Rail track is very rigid.  If the track plan is not accurate, irregular loops will not fit correctly. will analyze your track plan and suggest custom length pieces to make the ends meet.

Custom Cut Pieces Permit Proper Track Alignment

Or let us design a track plan to fit your space and operating desires.  Maybe something like this?


Custom cut straights and curves are furnished to any length ± 0.01 inches. Ends are precision drilled for perfect alignment of the rail plate with the mating piece.  For straights less than 7.20 inches, $25: longer pieces (half straights or more), $40.  For curves less than 11.25¡ arc, $22: longer arcs (half curves or more), $24.  Specify length for straights, arc for curves (a full curve is 22.50¡).  Cut pieces are supplied with all connecting hardware.


T-Rail to tubular transitions provide a smooth connection if the layout includes both types of track.  Standard transitions ($25) are 4.40 inches long so that one and an 0 gauge straight are the same length as a full 072 straight.  Custom lengths are available on request.


Operating sections similar to RCSÕs (772R) and UCSÕs (772U) are available.  They use standard RCS or UCS controllers.  The center rails of the 772R and 772U are raised 0.020 inches above the operating rails so prewar Hudson center rail collectors maintain contact instead of touching the operating rails.

The 772R is $125 each.


The 772U is $200 each.


Unlike the UCS, the 772U will operate the 3854 operating box car.


Custom crossings for either straight or curved applications, and special pieces can be fabricated.

Crossing on a Curve

730X 67.5¡ Crossing $200


Individual hardware pieces are $1.50 each.  The 11 piece set for a piece of track (1 771-7 rail clip, 2 771-9 rail plates, 4 771-10 bolts, and 4 771-11 nuts) in like new condition is $12.50.  The same set in very good condition is $10.  Used but useable sets are $8 each.  Packages of 8 like new sets are $95 each.  Packages of 8 very good sets are $75 each.



Wrenches, UTC lockons, original ties, replacements for insulated ties, contact rails with insulated ties for late (post 1937) 731 switches, and all switch motor parts.

Straight wrenches are $5 each.  90¡ wrenches are $15 each. 


UTC lockons are $10 (very good condition) or $5 (useable, but rusted). 

Used, unbroken original ties ready to slip onto a piece of track are $3 each.


Kits to replace a contact rail and insulated tie on late 731Õs are $20 each.

All questions attempted to be answered such as how to start a grade that wonÕt short the cow catcher of a 763E or 700E or how to judge the operability of a 731 switch before you bolt it into the layout.

For an inspection checklist click INSPECTION.

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