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T-Rail Needs

Track Tie Replacement

Replace missing track ties with used, good originals.  Select ties that are less than 2.330 inches long to minimize brittle failure of the “spikes” while installing.


First, file the outer edge of the rail at the missing tie location to remove the bump where Lionel center punched the rail base flange. 


If the missing tie is not at the end, move ties from the nearer end so that all missing ties are at one end.  To do this, drill out the punch mark between the two outer "spikes" on each end of every tie that must be moved.  A #55 drill tilted about 20° into each punch mark should free the ties to slide.  Don’t be surprised if ties that have grown to over 2.330 inches break during attempted relocation.  They will also have to be replaced.


When a freed tie is half way to the next location, file off any burrs left where the rail was drilled to make moving another tie into that location easier.


Add ties to the end to fill the missing locations.  Take care to keep the ties square on the track.  Twisting the ties while sliding them will probably break the “spikes” off.


When all the ties are where they belong, punch the rail base flange on each end of each tie using a sharp center punch or a 3/32 inch cold chisel.