Writers/Readers: We Dream that Good Writing Can “Live On”!!!

Just as some very good paintings, sketches, sculptures, and other works of art – both great and small – have been created by artists throughout the ages, a great many excellent writing never gets to be seen or read. And just as a tiny fraction of those fine art works end up in museums, galleries or notable private collections., a lot of good writing remains on legal pads, in notebooks or on computers and does not get printed or put “online”. Many LALO artists are also good writers. This good writing should be seen and read by others.

As you may know, Let Art Live On™ provides a mechanism for artists and collectors who want to safeguard their art’s future. Prior to Lalo’s “Let Art Live On” concept, much of this art was destined not to live on. Thanks to us (a dedicated group of art and online experts), much of what would become “lost art”, now lives on.

Now, a similar capability exists for good writing – fiction, non-fiction and cross-over (fact-based-fiction).

LALO Publishing came about as a division of Let Art Live On, Inc. in late 2019. The Publishing Division has its own editorial and art staff.

This Division is launched by the assignment of most of the writings of co-founders Bryane and Charles Lickson. They have written, individually and together, a total of ten books. All of these prior works have been published by several different publishers, but the copyrights always remained owned by the Licksons.

The first book to come out under the LALO Publishing banner is: A WARRIOR OF MANY FACES: An American Clandestine Operative in Castro’s Cuba and Beyond.