The Art

The Art

For every piece of art that is shown on our site, we do our best to supply the work’s “provenance”.

A word about “Provenance”. Generally, it is the history of the piece – and it is very important to us. Most of the pieces you will see on our website are originals signed by the artist or certified by Lalo if we know that it is an original piece of art. On occasion, we will show and offer a piece where we either don’t know the artist (“Artist Unknown” – but we like the piece) or where we have not obtained a full provenance/history of the piece. We may know the last name but we don’t know the artist’s full name or cannot completely validate the work. In such a case, we will state under the “provenance” of the piece, the date the work of art was acquired by Lalo and that there is no further provenance available to us.

Where the work of art has been in the exclusive control of the artist until it is offered for sale by us, we will note that fact in the work’s provenance.

Let Art Live On™ was created because the founders desired their created art to “live on”. They also have an art collection (works by different artists, both living and deceased) which ought to live on. Thus, LALO begins operations with art created by the founders and other artists or collected by the founders and others.

Within this section of the website, you will see Art which is an asset of the corporation, Art which is for sale through the corporation (with a portion of the proceeds going to the corporation) and Rules for Submitting artworks to the corporation.

Art for sale is available through The Studio Bee gallery; art on exhibition only is displayed in the Exhibition Gallery; Bumblebee Kids art is displayed in the Bumblebee Kids for the Arts; art that is living on is displayed in the Archives.

Future artworks will also add to the corpus of LALO assets. It is expected that these will be from all of the arts.