The Artists


Sylvia Gelber

Sylvia Gelber was born in Chicago in 1928 and began pursuing her love of art at the University of Chicago. She studied there for two years as an art major before transferring to California State University where she graduated with a degree in Education. Afterward, she enjoyed stating that "for like a gazillion years" she was a kindergarten teacher. Effectively using her art talents within the classroom, she lured young people to love learning through art and simultaneously be in harmony within themselves and their world.
Nearly 90, Sylvia continues to be passionate about the role of the arts in childrens' lives and for them to get an early start to love what for her is a life long love affair as she continues to paint. Renamed Aunt Sippy after she acquired an electric scooter to "zip" about her assisted living facility in Los Angeles, this spirited octogenarian spreads more joy than all the colors of the rainbow with the vibrancy of her loving spirit. Her watercolor artworks are family treasures which the family wants to "live on" in keeping with Lalo's mission. Her nephew and Lalo Board Member, Dr. Mark Appleton, is positively delighted that a limited number of her paintings have been made available for others to enjoy and to acquire through the wonders of the world wide web. Grandma Moses may find herself caught like a spider as Aunt Sippy "zips" around and dips her brushes in the rainbows' palette creating her magical works. (BML)

Works On Exhibit