The Artists


Hannia Smith

Hannia Smith specializes in: figurative art - human and animal portraits; still life; floral themes; and wildlife. She utilizes mostly color pencils but she also works with charcoal, watercolor, and pastels.

She considers herself a self-taught artist although she attended several night-time art classes at the local art school in Rockland County, New York which gave her a secure foundation in live drawing and sketching.

Hannia lived in New York for 30 years. She was a financial administrator for Columbia University. At that time, painting and drawing were a luxury for her in her spare time. Three years ago, she and her husband relocated to Virginia where she has dedicated full time to expanding her art capability. She takes commissions now and is continuing to learn the many aspects of the art world.

In addition to being seen both at Lalo online and in Lalo?s Galleries in Front Royal and Luray, Virginia, her art is owned by collectors and may be seen occasionally in public venues such as the AIM ? Artists in Middleburg, VA and at the Burwell-Morgan Mill in Millwood, VA. Her piece entitled: ?Clouded Leopard? is the cover art for the book Tropical Conservation Perspectives on Local and Global Priorities.

Artistic talent being hereditary, Hannia is the daughter of Lalo artist Lady Johnson Arias.

Works On Exhibit