Lalo Art At Shepherd University Event

“IT WAS A VERY POWERFUL EVENT AND ONE THAT SHOULD BE REPLICATED OFTEN” was the comment most heard at the Race Relations Dialogue held the evening of October 10, 2016, at the Byrd Center of Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WV. The audience for the program, numbering over 100 people, included members of the regional community (from West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia and DC), local officials, activists and the folks from law enforcement.

In addition to a wonderful program put together by Dr. Richard Anson of Ezekiel’s Place/Justice and Peace Academy, fine art was present thank to the cooperation of Lalo and Lalo member artists. Clive Turner, a member artist, had three original oil paintings which represented the struggle of black people for equality in America. Also shown was a beautiful oil painting of a mother and child, now part of the Lalo Collection and the gift of Lalo Adviser and Lifetime Lalo Society member C.B. Staunton of Clinton, MD. Powerful prints of “Bob” by Lalo artist Kristy Revell, and “Anguished Man” by Lalo artist Bryane Lickson were also seen by the people who attended.

The art, which was displayed in the hallway outside the auditorium at the Byrd Center, played an important part in the evening event. Many participants agreed that art is universal and an important part of the healing among races in America. Diverse stakeholders took part in the program and the group conversations which followed.

“Art has become an important part of the outreach and getting people more familiar with the work and mission of Lalo – to Let Art Live On,” said Lalo founder and artist Bryane Lickson. “We’re committed to having artwork from a diverse set of artists at more events such as the Race Relations dialogue. It also helps get the Lalo name and mission known by more people,” she added.

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