While all of us are holding our breath (sometimes literally) to see what will happen with the Covid-19 Pandemic, our wonderful Lalo Collection of Art and Sculpture remains in safe and secure storage. Online sales have been minimal at best and, with the exception of a few art pieces at the Blue Wing Frog restaurant in Front Royal, no Lalo art can be seen at physical locations.

Those of us involved in Lalo Art (Let Art Live On, Inc.) are waiting to see how the original concept of art being seen both online and in physical locations will work out. It’s even too soon to plan, but readers should know the original concept for this site ( good art should live on even beyond the life of the artist) and the art available through us is still very much on the minds of those who care.

We all mourn the loss of our talented Life Member Reed Armstrong. His beautiful sculpture of an angel is secure and at the heart of the Lalo Collection. Reed’s wife, Roxolana, a wonderful artist and a part of Lalo since Day one, remains in our heart.

We were planning to have a large art show and sale in the Spring 2020, but those plans have been shelved until this winter at the earliest. Perhaps the Spring Show and Sale will go forward in 2021.

For members and friends, please stay tuned.