LALO President Hard at Work on New Book

WATCH FOR REFUGE FOR A SCOUNDREL™, THE UPCOMING NOVEL BASED ON THE PRESSURE – PACKED, EXCITING LIFE AND TIMES OF AN AMERICAN HERO. PRESENTLY, HE CANNOT BE NAMED (FOR LEGAL PURPOSES) BUT THIS STORY, BASED ON REAL FACTS, IS BOUND TO KEEP READERS ON THE EDGE OF THEIR SEATS! Jonathan Carlyton (a fictitious name) has led an amazing life. Readers of the book and listeners of the Audio Version will have difficulty accepting that all of this could happen to one life, but IT DID HAPPEN and this fictionalized account of real experiences is certain to entertain and arouse feelings of both patriotism and wonder. Jonathan’s personal roots (family ties) go back to the beginning days of British America, to Colonial Times, to America’s struggle in time of great wars and then up to current days. Never did Jonathan doubt that what he did was for the good of the American people and for the country he has loved all of his life – even if on the way, he discovered and was assigned to investigate some amazing scandals and ensuing cover-ups. His dedication to duty and commitment to the success of the American way of life has never been questioned. The real-life Jonathan Carlyton has been honored by many U.S. and foreign government agencies and individuals. Often, (in fact to him) too many times, his very life has been endangered, and yet he has “soldiered on” in the military, in law enforcement and in personal civilian life. Jonathan’s eclectic life is full of adventures, but is also full of the tenderness and love for his family. Yet, even in his later years, when peace and tranquility become so important to him, his own government will not let him go. Experience, through Jonathan, the pulse-quickening adventures of a true, modern hero, and learn of what can happen when the press and certain people decide to go after him and the resulting turmoil, redemption and honors that ultimately do happen. This book is written by Charles P. Lickson, a former practicing lawyer, former federal judge’s law clerk, former military officer, former adjunct professor of political science and who, himself, spent over ten years as a sworn law enforcement officer. Lickson’s many articles and eight previous books have been read by audiences in the United States and abroad. His book, Ironing It Out: Seven Simple Steps to Resolving Conflict had wide -spread coverage in the United States, England and has been translated into Italian and Russian. In Refuge for A Scoundrel™, he brings his political science, legal and conflict resolution background to the table as well as his successful, writing skill. Lickson contact info: email phone: 540-660-4643.