Just in time for the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival, a new art gallery opened April 12 and 13, 2017, at CrepeWorx™ on the Downtown Mall in the City of Winchester, Virginia. This popular eatery is the work of Tony Might, owner and operator, and his staff of well-trained people. Adding art to the beautifully designed establishment is a great fit. “The original art and fine prints done by Lalo artists bring a certain style to our premises,” said the CrepeWorx principal. “We’ve had some pieces from other vendors, but we are now proud to be the exclusive hosts for Lalo artists on the Old Town Winchester Walking Mall,” Tony added. Bryane Lickson, founder and Chairman of Lalo, expressed her delight in having this new venue in the heart of Winchester. She and husband Charles “Chips” Lickson put up the first art exhibit on the 12th and 13th of April. There are about 15 pieces in this new exhibit; all are for sale. “This art truly exemplifies the collaboration between Lalo and CrepeWorx,” Tony said. “We’re also planning to rotate pieces so our visitors have something new to see on our walls.” Tony’s own taste runs to the more abstract art available from Lalo artists, but he is also willing to display more traditional art if it fits. An example of that are the three numbered prints of France done by Lalo artist and co-founder Chips Lickson. The first display at CrepeWorx has paintings, drawings and alcohol ink on glass done by Lalo member artists. Tony and his wife have become members of the Lalo Society, and CrepeWork has signed an affiliate relationship with Lalo. Bryane also said “Our mission to ‘Let Art Live On’ remains paramount to any place we hang Lalo member art. Any person or organization buying a piece of art from Lalo at CrepeWorx or any of our several galleries will get Certificates of Originality, or the work is a signed, numbered print and a Certificate Upon Resale if they should dispose of the work. We’re going to trace the provenance (history) of each work acquired from Lalo or one of its affiliates as much as possible.” “I feel good about this relationship and am so happy with Crepeworx location,” said Chips Lickson, Lalo President. This restaurant and new art venue (Studio Bee Gallery) is located at 158 North Loudoun Street, on the Downtown Mall Winchester near Picadilly Street. Parking is readily available in several locations in downtown Winchester.