At a recent meeting of the Board of Directors of Lalo, Inc. new members were added and some former Board members were thanked for their service. The Board welcomed Pam Nicholson and Karen Weinberg to the Board. Resignations have been accepted from both Tom Wible and Dr. Mark Appleton. They were thanked for their service on the Board as Lalo underwent some of its earliest days.

“We’re delighted that both Tom and Mark will continue to be active in support of the mission of this unique organization”, said Board Chair and Lalo Founder Bryane M. Lickson. Tom Wible continues as Lalo webmaster and both Tom and Mark continue as active members of the firm’s Advisory Board.

Pam Nicholson will serve as the Company’s Vice President. She will assist Charles Lickson and will manage physical gallery operations. She brings to the Company long experience in retail management. Pam was instrumental in the initial exhibition at the Blue Wing Frog in Front Royal. She is already working with staff as we prepare for opening in Falls Church, VA and elsewhere.

Karen Weinberg is already a Lalo member artist. Her alcohol ink on glass artware is distinctive and Karen is one of Lalo’s best-selling artists. In addition to bringing her active artists’ perspective to the Board, she also has many years’ experience in business.

“We are so pleased that Karen and Pam have come on board as Directors”, said Board Chair and Founder Bryane. “ we are also delighted that Mark and Tom will continue as Advisors and that Tom will honcho our website as it grows.”