The world’s most prominent magazine devoted to architecture, design and the arts is Architectural Digest. The June, 2016 issue, now on newsstands and circulated throughout the globe, has published a letter written by Lalo President Charles “Chips” Lickson. Appearing on Page 34, the letter is repeated below in its entirety for those who don’t get the Digest in magazine or electronic format:
Dear Editor: Not only is it a pleasure to see the work of interior designers and architects, in every issue of Architectural Digest but the pieces of art that appear are also a highlight Your dedication to the arts,. contemporary and traditional, is very much in keeping with our own retail operations mission to: “Let Art Live On”. Thank you on behalf of artists, galleries and patrons everywhere. Charles P. Lickson
A great challenge to anyone who seeks to penetrate the commercial world of the arts, is to get the name and brand known. “We’re very happy that Chips’ letter and the fact that it was published in such a prestigious and well respected publication, will help get the word out about the Lalo story and the concept of Letting Art Live On”, said Bryane Lickson, Lalo Founder. “I’m very proud of him and what all of us at Lalo and the Lalo Society are doing.”