Noting that the growth curve for locally based craft distilled spirits is growing, Michael Paluzzi and a small group of investors are planning to open Falls Church Distillers this Winter. Michael Paluzzi, the Principal of Falls Church Distillers, LLC (FCD) and Chips Lickson, President of Lalo, Inc. met in mid-July and hammered out an agreement in principle whereby Lalo will provide the art portion of the new operation, the first of its kind in rapidly growing Fairfax County, Virginia. According to Paluzzi, the goal of FC Distillers is “to become the locally based leader in the rapidly growing trend of craft distilled spirits.” He added: “We plan to offer a range of white and brown (aged) products. They will include gins, vodkas, whiskies and assorted spirits.” Paluzzi envisions an on-premises retail store and online sales. That means establishment of a sales counter on premises. There will be a variety of offerings by FCD including “Drink with the Arts” and many other tastings and events. A changing art gallery will be designed into the premises. “We’re so happy that we’ve been selected as Art Consultants by FCD.” Said Lickson. “I foresee many opportunities for Lalo Member Artists to show and even sell their works through Lalo and FCD.” he added. Selection of Lalo came through Lalo Director Mark Appleton, a friend of Paluzzi, but Paluzzi had to see for himself the quality of work to be offered through the collaborative arrangement. After seeing many works by Lalo artists, he and Lickson reached a “meeting of the minds.” Falls Church Distillers is working to open by Christmas of this year.