Thanks to the continuing generosity of Lalo Director Dr. Mark Appleton and his wife Lorrie, the Lalo “Pop-Up” art show, the first in greater D.C./Northern Virginia, at the Appleton residence in Fairfax on July 16, 2016, was a big success.

The show was coordinated by former Lalo Vice President of Operations (and member artist) Walter Mabe. Although many Lalo member artists had work in the afternoon event, the featured artists were members Laurie Nelson and Deb Schneider. The show was called “A Study in Contrasts”; and the approximately 150 people who attended saw different artists (many of whom were present) and a variety of work.

Both of the featured artists are accomplished in their own right, and they each have a loyal following. Also on display were works by other Lalo artists, including Clive Turner, Karen Weinberg, D.J. Werley, Sylvia Gelber, Maxine Weitzner, Bryane and Charles “Chips” Lickson, Roxolana and Reed Armstrong, Walter Mabe, Barbara Jennings, Tom Wible, Angel Latorre, Kristy Revell, Johanna Elik and others.

A highlight of the afternoon was some great music provided by SAM_0402Lalo member Keith Traylor. The Appleton house itself is a showplace, built in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright.Appleton Residence As it turns out, the house and grounds were ideal for displaying artwork. Even a shower in the late afternoon could not dampen peoples’ enthusiasm. The art show was by invitation, with both Lalo members and friends of the artists and Appletons in attendance.

The “Pop-Up” shows are a lot of work, because they are usually only open for part of one day.

However, they bring together artists, collectors and appreciators in a relaxed and intimate environment where they have the opportunity to meet, discuss and celebrate the diversity o the talent showcased. These events have been shown to generate good will and friendships. They are also places to make new contacts and to see and sell artworks.

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