Lalo, Inc. and Shenandoah Senior Living (formerly Loving Arms) are pleased to announce an agreement in principle to feature rotating exhibits of art at the beautiful Warren Country, Virginia facility. The understanding between Tara Barnes, Community Relations Coordinator at the facility, and Bryane Lickson, Chair of the Board of Lalo, is an outgrowth of the Show and Exhibition presented by Lalo earlier this Spring. Original paintings and first quality prints supplied by Lalo went up in the Dining Area of Shenandoah Senior Living in mid-August of this year to become the first of many art shows which will rotate at the facility’s main building. “We are so pleased that our residents, family, staff and friends will be able to see newly installed art in the main dining room on a regular basis,” said Tara Barnes. “The exhibition will bring light and color to what was already a lovely room,” she added. This exhibition is more compact than usual Lalo shows but will vary by the month or season. The current show at Shenandoah Senior Living runs through September, 2016. Bryane added: “For Lalo artists, the agreement with Shenandoah Senior Living, provides a regular venue for people to see good art.” She also explained: “The rotating exhibition expands viewer horizons as well as increasing selling opportunities for each artist whose work is chosen.” The August 2016 exhibition features work by member artists Karen Weinberg, Roxolana Armstrong, Deborah Schneider, Barbara Jennings and Charles Lickson. Each of these member artists have become part of Lalo, Inc. because they not only want to sell their own work but they also want their own art to “live on.” As Bryane explained, the accepted art will live on even if sold, because artwork sold goes in to the Archives.