LALO and Agree on the Value of Member Artists of Orlando, Florida and Lalo, Inc. of Front Royal, Virginia have reached agreement regarding membership.

“I didn’t see the value of re-inventing the wheel”, said Bryane M. Lickson, Lalo, Inc. Chairperson and CEO. “We value artist and art collector members of the Lalo Society, which is part of “Let Art Live On”, the tradename for Lalo, Inc.”, said Ms. Lickson, herself an artist, “but we didn’t see the point in re-inventing a registry of our members.”

Artists and collectors who become members of the Lalo Society will now automatically become members listed on “We welcome Lalo members to our website”, stated Jeff Shonkwiler, CEO and Founder of “We also acknowledge that (the website of Lalo, Inc.) could have created its own mechanism for registering its Lalo Society members.” He went on,” Instead they have chosen instead to have automatic registration with our” has several levels of registry for artists and others. Lalo Society also has several levels of membership. Lalo members at all levels shall automatically be listed as “Enhanced Members” on the site. They will also be able to list their own website if desired. All Lalo Society members are now also members.

The Lalo Society has several membership categories, beginning at the Bronze level ($50/year). At the Silver level ($100/year), members may show their art at Lalo’s Studio Bee Gallery (both virtual and brick&mortar).

“The arrangement with should enhance membership and exposure of art to both their website and ours,” said Charles P. Lickson, also an artist and President and COO of Lalo, Inc. “In fact, we are hopeful that this arrangement will also add artists to our Lalo Society”, he said.

Through Let Art Live On, a trademark of Lalo, Inc., artworks of all types, which meet the jury standards, are destined to become part of digital history and will be “certified” and “tracked” through the Lalo, Inc. proprietary database system.

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