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A Future With Out Poverty and LALO Team Up

A Future With Out Poverty, Inc. seeks out artists living in poverty and provides them and their communities with resources they need to better their lives, including LALO, Inc.’s online platform and resources that allow these artists to share their talents with the world and financially support themselves and their families.

A Future without Poverty, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works with communities to create opportunities, provide resources and empower people in a continual journey to eliminate poverty, and Let Art Live On,™ a company dedicated to the preservation of great art, are working to empower artists living in poverty.

The Buy Art, Fight Poverty™ project provides artists struggling to make ends meet with the resources they need to sell their work and better their economic situation utilizing their own talents and hard work.

LALO Artist Selected For Car Design

World-famous automotive artist Danny Whitfield has been selected to design Mustangs, Corvettes and other classic muscle cars to be built by NuClassics Motors. The cars will be custom-built on new frames based on Danny’s designs. Each will have brand new interiors and high performance engines. Orders are being taken now through eBay and other sellers. Danny, a Lifetime Artist Member of the Lalo Society, is well known as one of the world’s finest car artists. He is also an Affiliate of LALO, which has exclusive selling rights to his art in the Eastern United States.

FCD Art Installation

Hi Folks: Bryane and I want to thank everyone who helped get the magnificent show up for viewing at FCD in Falls Church.
The team (and it truly was a team effort) worked hard to get art ready and install it on Tuesday and Wednesday. We can all be proud that we have helped add Art to what is already going to be an exciting and attractive venue starting with a soft opening on July 1, 2017. There are currently over 80 pieces of art ranging in size from 6 inches square to 3 feet by 6 feet. Needless to say, we are all tired and a bit overwhelmed but anxious to get going in Falls Church in affiliation with a great crew already there (including Michael, Lorenzo and Jim). Let me also introduce Jason Davis. Jason, as you will soon see, is a most welcome addition to the Lalo family. Chips


Just in time for Christmas, 2016, a major art exhibition and sale opened at the Blue Wing Frog on Chester Street in Front Royal. “The food is wonderful,” “all natural,” “locally sourced products” are some of the comments from Lalo people and customers at the Blue Wing Frog. Continue reading A BIG VENUE IN FRONT ROYAL NOW FEATURES LALO ART


In a quest for top art and artists in their field, Lalo has reached an understanding with one of the world’s great automotive artists, Danny Whitfield, to collaborate for mutual success. Danny has an established following, including automotive art enthusiasts from around the world. He operates from his base in California and ships his art all over the United States and several foreign locations. After many conversations with Lalo President Charles “Chips” Lickson, Danny has decided that he wants to affiliate with Lalo and have his art “live on”. He presents Lalo with a great new opportunity in a growing art category. Continue reading LALO AND TOP AUTOMOTIVE ARTIST REACH AGREEMENT

Studio Bee Gallery Opens in Luray

Studio Bee Gallery, which opened recently at The Warehouse Art Gallery, is part of LALO’s commitment to have both virtual and “bricks and mortar” ways to view and buy art. Studio Bee Gallery is located inside the Expressions Room at the Warehouse Art Gallery – a huge facility. The Warehouse Art Gallery is located across the street from the Visitors’ Center in Luray, VA.


News Release September 21, 2015 Lalo, Inc. of Front Royal, Virginia announces that the Company and the Warehouse Art Gallery of Luray, Virginia have reached agreement regarding a physical “bricks and mortar” space for Studio Bee Gallery. People currently visit the Warehouse Art Gallery’s 10,000 square feet of paintings, sculptures, photos, ceramics, jewelry and more. Now Warehouse Art Gallery and Lalo have agreed that a full room of the gallery will become a bricks and mortar gallery where people can view art created by Lalo Society members. Lalo stands for “Let Art Live On” and has been a motivating factor in the establishment of the Company. “We want our art to live on beyond our lifetimes”, said Bryane Miller Lickson, a founder and artist herself. Bryane is concerned not only about her own works (Paintings, woodcuts and sculptures) , but also those of her husband, Charles “Chips” Lickson, also a co-founder of Lalo, Inc. “We want the art of other Lalo artist members to also live on”, she added. The Warehouse Art Gallery has established itself as a place to view art for those in Luray or visiting the community. It has been in existence for many years and is the brainchild of founder and owner, Jim Mayes, himself a painter and sculptor. “We’re also proud to be a venue of the Virginia Artisans Trail”, said Jim. “Of course, we’d like to see art live on and we’re happy to welcome Lalo’s Studio Bee Gallery to the Warehouse Art Gallery”, he added. The Lalo Society has several membership categories beginning at the Bronze level ($50/year). Artist members of the Lalo Society must be at least at the Silver level ($100/year) to show art through Lalo’s Studio Bee Gallery (both virtual and bricks and mortar). “It is great that viewers can see art in person in both Front Royal and now Luray”, Bryane said. Studio Bee Gallery maintains its permanent virtual gallery, also known as Studio Bee Gallery, and an Exhibition Hall at its website: Certain Warehouse Art Gallery artists will have their work live on through Let Art Live On, a trademark of Lalo, Inc. artworks of all types. Artworks which meet the Lalo jury standards, are destined to become part of digital history and will be “certified” and “tracked” through the Lalo, Inc. proprietary database system.

LALO and Agree on the Value of Member Artists of Orlando, Florida and Lalo, Inc. of Front Royal, Virginia have reached agreement regarding membership. “I didn’t see the value of re-inventing the wheel”, said Bryane M. Lickson, Lalo, Inc. Chairperson and CEO. “We value artist and art collector members of the Lalo Society, which is part of “Let Art Live On”, the tradename for Lalo, Inc.”, said Ms. Lickson, herself an artist, “but we didn’t see the point in re-inventing a registry of our members.” Artists and collectors who become members of the Lalo Society will now automatically become members listed on “We welcome Lalo members to our website”, stated Jeff Shonkwiler, CEO and Founder of “We also acknowledge that (the website of Lalo, Inc.) could have created its own mechanism for registering its Lalo Society members.” He went on,” Instead they have chosen instead to have automatic registration with our” has several levels of registry for artists and others. Lalo Society also has several levels of membership. Lalo members at all levels shall automatically be listed as “Enhanced Members” on the site. They will also be able to list their own website if desired. All Lalo Society members are now also members. The Lalo Society has several membership categories, beginning at the Bronze level ($50/year). At the Silver level ($100/year), members may show their art at Lalo’s Studio Bee Gallery (both virtual and brick&mortar). “The arrangement with should enhance membership and exposure of art to both their website and ours,” said Charles P. Lickson, also an artist and President and COO of Lalo, Inc. “In fact, we are hopeful that this arrangement will also add artists to our Lalo Society”, he said. Through Let Art Live On, a trademark of Lalo, Inc., artworks of all types, which meet the jury standards, are destined to become part of digital history and will be “certified” and “tracked” through the Lalo, Inc. proprietary database system.