News Release September 21, 2015

Lalo, Inc. of Front Royal, Virginia announces that the Company and the Warehouse Art Gallery of Luray, Virginia have reached agreement regarding a physical “bricks and mortar” space for Studio Bee Gallery.

People currently visit the Warehouse Art Gallery’s 10,000 square feet of paintings, sculptures, photos, ceramics, jewelry and more. Now Warehouse Art Gallery and Lalo have agreed that a full room of the gallery will become a bricks and mortar gallery where people can view art created by Lalo Society members. Lalo stands for “Let Art Live On” and has been a motivating factor in the establishment of the Company. “We want our art to live on beyond our lifetimes”, said Bryane Miller Lickson, a founder and artist herself. Bryane is concerned not only about her own works (Paintings, woodcuts and sculptures) , but also those of her husband, Charles “Chips” Lickson, also a co-founder of Lalo, Inc. “We want the art of other Lalo artist members to also live on”, she added.

The Warehouse Art Gallery has established itself as a place to view art for those in Luray or visiting the community. It has been in existence for many years and is the brainchild of founder and owner, Jim Mayes, himself a painter and sculptor. “We’re also proud to be a venue of the Virginia Artisans Trail”, said Jim. “Of course, we’d like to see art live on and we’re happy to welcome Lalo’s Studio Bee Gallery to the Warehouse Art Gallery”, he added.

The Lalo Society has several membership categories beginning at the Bronze level ($50/year). Artist members of the Lalo Society must be at least at the Silver level ($100/year) to show art through Lalo’s Studio Bee Gallery (both virtual and bricks and mortar). “It is great that viewers can see art in person in both Front Royal and now Luray”, Bryane said. Studio Bee Gallery maintains its permanent virtual gallery, also known as Studio Bee Gallery, and an Exhibition Hall at its website:

Certain Warehouse Art Gallery artists will have their work live on through Let Art Live On, a trademark of Lalo, Inc. artworks of all types. Artworks which meet the Lalo jury standards, are destined to become part of digital history and will be “certified” and “tracked” through the Lalo, Inc. proprietary database system.

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