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  • Luray New showing by Lalo artist Karen Weinberg at Warehouse Art Gallery in Luray. Her work is in alcohol ink on glass. Her exhibit is in the Main Gallery and runs through mid-July, 2017.
  • Front Royal Several Lalo artists’ works can be seen at the Blue Wing Frog on Chester Street. Artists represented include Barbara Jennings, Donna Werley, Roxolana Armstrong, Bryane Lickson, Charles Lickson, Clive Turner, Deb Schneider, Barbara Stevens, Hannia Smith, Maxine Weitzner and Karen Weinberg.
  • Selah Theater Lalo artists will be participating in the arts event at the Selah Theater in Front Royal on June 23, 3017.
  • The 4-H Center Lalo artists’ work will be on display and for sale at the Front Royal community day beginning at 4PM on July 1, 2017. Lalo is pleased to support the 4-H Center and to participate in the community’s celebration of America’s birthday.
  • Winchester Works by Lalo artists are on display and for sale at CrepeWorx on the downtown mall in the City of Winchester.
  • Falls Church Lalo will supply all the art for the opening of Falls Church Distillers LLC. The Falls Church location expects to open sometime in June.
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Effective on June 1, 2017 there have been changes to the Studio Bee Gallery (Lalo’s Retail Art Gallery) in Luray. Jim Mayes, the owner of the Warehouse Art Gallery (“WAG”) and a Lalo Member, had asked that the Expressions Room be returned to its original purpose at WAG as an activity and all purpose room. He also suggested that Lalo receive a display wall in WAG’s largest gallery room. This offer to change from the Expressions Room at WAG to space in the Main Gallery was accepted by the Licksons on behalf of Lalo. The change means that Lalo space at WAG would be reduced, but that artwork on display is now moved to the Main Gallery and, in the opinion of Bryane Lickson, Lalo’s Chief Curator and Jim Mayes, the result would be better visibility for Lalo artists. Karen Weinberg, Lalo artist, now has her alcohol and ink on glass pieces on display in WAG’s Main Gallery. Her works went up on May 31, 2017 and will remain, unless sold, until mid-July. Bryane said she expects that Lalo will rotate member artists onto the new Lalo Wall in Luray so artists will have the benefit of their work being seen in WAG’s Main Gallery. “While we’re a little sad at losing our own room at WAG in Luray, we’re delighted that we have moved to a wall in the Main Gallery,” said Bryane. “I think in the long run, this will be better exposure for Lalo artists,” she added.


At a recent luncheon talk given by Dr. Alonso Aguirre to the Calvary Church Men’s Group in Front Royal, listeners learned of the perils of lost species and a growing lack of caring for our home planet. “The so-called Border Wall between the U.S. and Mexico will prevent the natural migration of certain species,” warned Dr. Aguirre, who is both a veterinarian and environmental scientist. “This may add to the dimunition in numbers of affected animals,” he added. Continue reading SCIENTIST DECRIES “BORDER WALL” IN FRONT ROYAL TALK

Invitation to the Community

The speaker for this month’s Men of Calvary (Calvary Episcopal Church) meeting is an internationally known ecologist and conservationist, professor and author. Dr. Alonso Aguirre heads a department at George Mason University. His own background is diverse including veterinarian medicine, masters in science and a doctorate in ecology of and wildlife disease. He heads a collaborative program looking at links to human health of wildlife disease and is an acclaimed expert in biodiversity. Continue reading Invitation to the Community


Just in time for the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival, a new art gallery opened April 12 and 13, 2017, at CrepeWorx™ on the Downtown Mall in the City of Winchester, Virginia. This popular eatery is the work of Tony Might, owner and operator, and his staff of well-trained people. Adding art to the beautifully designed establishment is a great fit. Continue reading A NEW VENUE ON WINCHESTER’S FAMOUS WALKING MALL NOW FEATURES LALO ART


At a recent meeting of the Board of Directors of Lalo, Inc. new members were added and some former Board members were thanked for their service. The Board welcomed Pam Nicholson and Karen Weinberg to the Board. Resignations have been accepted from both Tom Wible and Dr. Mark Appleton. They were thanked for their service on the Board as Lalo underwent some of its earliest days. Continue reading LALO BOARD ADDS NEW MEMBERS


Just in time for Christmas, 2016, a major art exhibition and sale opened at the Blue Wing Frog on Chester Street in Front Royal. “The food is wonderful,” “all natural,” “locally sourced products” are some of the comments from Lalo people and customers at the Blue Wing Frog. Continue reading A BIG VENUE IN FRONT ROYAL NOW FEATURES LALO ART

Falls Church Distillers Opening Delayed

Things are on track for the opening of Falls Church Distillers, but the timing needs to be adjusted. As reported before, Michael Paluzzi, the Principal of Falls Church Distillers, LLC (FCD), and LALO, Inc. have an agreement in principle whereby LALO will provide the art for the new operation, the first of its kind in rapidly growing Fairfax County, Virginia. Continue reading Falls Church Distillers Opening Delayed

Shenandoah University’s Ethics Event To Feature LALO

“Integrity in the Workplace” is the title of a program being presented on Saturday morning, November 12, 2016, from 9:00AM to 1:00PM, at the Byrd Business School of Shenandoah University. The event came about through the good efforts and ideas of Dr. Richard Anson and his wife Barbara, who are the principles of Ezekiel’s Place/Peace and Justice Academy of Shenandoah Crossing, West Virginia. Continue reading Shenandoah University’s Ethics Event To Feature LALO

Lalo Art At Shepherd University Event

“IT WAS A VERY POWERFUL EVENT AND ONE THAT SHOULD BE REPLICATED OFTEN” was the comment most heard at the Race Relations Dialogue held the evening of October 10, 2016, at the Byrd Center of Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WV. The audience for the program, numbering over 100 people, included members of the regional community (from West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia and DC), local officials, activists and the folks from law enforcement. Continue reading Lalo Art At Shepherd University Event